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Aims and Mission

Main objective of the technical center "SIMUZ" is:
The cooperation in preparation and retraining of highly qualified specialists to work with modern equipment and technology of SIEMENS joint-stock company (Germany) and other leading foreign companies.

 – carrying out a research in the field of modern medical equipment and technology and their application and development, and also preparation, retraining and advanced trainings of specialists, engineers, technicians and health workers with new medical electronic technics and technologies.




The main objectives of the technical center SIMUZ consists of the following:

  • preparation and retraining of qualified professionals of using of the modern equipment and technology of the leading foreign companies;
  • training of specialists and students in a profile of the leading foreign firms, and also training of foreign languages (English, and German);
  • ensuring communication between universities and companies of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and also with companies and universities of foreign countries in technical industries;
  • implementations in various areas of the Republic of Uzbekistan and other regions of Central Asia the advance achievements on devices and equipments leading foreign companies;
  • carrying out scientific and technical and project works on use of modern technology and the equipment together with representatives of the foreign countries;   
  • to become a members of society, consortia, associations in Uzbekistan and in foreign countries;
  • registration of various contracts and legal agreements in the territory of Uzbekistan, and also in foreign countries;
  • organization of branches, representations and other structural divisions in the territory of Uzbekistan and beyond its limits.