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The center will organize seminars, lectures and a practical training with involvement of program leaders of implementation, operation including republican and foreign specialists of repair, adjustment and technical service of the modern equipment and technology in various spheres of industries of economy, science and technology, including medical equipment and technology.
These programs are directed not only to training and advanced training, but also to the aid in implementation of specific engineering entrepreneurial projects.




– Participation in training of bachelors and masters;

– Training and professional skills improvement in the modern technology, and medical equipmens;

– Carrying out scientific technological and project works;

– Retraining and professional skill improvements of interested persons by achievements in the field of new technics and technology of Germany and other foreign countries;

– Carrying out researches in the field of modern medical equipment and technology;

– Preparation, retraining and professional development of experts, engineers, technicians and health workers on the basis of new medical equipment and technology.



Professional development and personnel retrainings

Courses of retraining and professional development

The training programs are developed at the following courses. Training is conducted in the Uzbek, Russian and English languages.If necessary, foreign scientists teachers and experts will be attracted.

– Repair and operation of the electrodiagnostic equipments;
– Repair and operation of the physiotherapeutic equipments;
– Repair and operation of the Computer tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonanse Imaging (MRI) systems;
– Repair and operation of the intencive care and surgical equipments;
– Information and computer technology in medicine and others.